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About PET Scan

What is the utility of PET scans?

Cancer Detection & Staging:

Detects cancer cells, their location, and spread, aiding diagnosis and staging

Assessing Treatment Response:

Evaluates treatment effectiveness by tracking tumor metabolic changes.

Brain Disorders Diagnosis

Aids in diagnosing brain-related conditions by detecting metabolic changes.

Monitoring Brain & Neurological Conditions:

Tracks disease progression, evaluates treatment, and aids in surgery planning.

Identifying & Characterizing Abnormalities:

Detects abnormal cell activity and metabolic changes for early insights.

What are the steps to prepare for a PET scan?


Follow a 4-6 hour fast before the scan, drinking only water unless advised otherwise by your healthcare provider.

Physical Activity

Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours before the scan to prevent interference with the scan results.


Inform your healthcare provider about any allergies, especially to medications or contrast agents used in imaging.

Claustrophobia or Anxiety

If you have concerns or suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety that might affect the scan, inform the healthcare team beforehand.


If you have diabetes, follow specific instructions provided by your doctor to manage your blood sugar levels before the scan.

Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

Inform the healthcare provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as certain imaging agents might not be recommended in these situations.



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PET Scan Details

How a PET scan works

Injection of Radiotracer

A small amount of a special substance, like fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), is injected into your body through an IV.

Tracer Movement

This substance travels to specific areas, such as organs or tissues, for examination.

Possibly a Contrast Dye Injection

You might also receive an IV injection of a contrast dye to enhance CT images' clarity.

Positioning on Exam Table

You'll lie on a scanner bed that moves in and out of the PET/CT scanner, resembling a doughnut or tunnel.

Remaining Still During Scan

During the approximately 30-minute scan, it's crucial to stay completely still to prevent blurring of the images.

Scanner Sounds

You might hear buzzing and clicking noises as the scanner takes images.

Scan Review by Technologist

After the scan, a technologist will check the images to ensure clarity before you leave.

During a PET Scan, expect:

  • Radioactive Injection: Injection of radioactive glucose followed by a 45-minute wait for tracer absorption.
  • Lying Down: Being asked to lie on a scanner bed for the procedure.
  • Machine Description: A large PET scanner with a circular central hole for the scanner bed's movement.
  • Table Adjustments: The scanner bed may be moved up, down, or tilted to capture images from different angles for the scan.

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  • Ashok Kumar

    I recently availed a PET scan at Nueclear in Bangalore, and I must say, it was an excellent experience. The staff, especially Ms. Sonam, was incredibly helpful and professional. The facility was well-maintained, and the scan results were accurate and timely. Highly recommend their services.

  • Priya Sharma

    My PET scan experience at Nueclear Bangalore was fantastic. The entire team were very accommodating and made me feel at ease throughout the process. The reports provided were comprehensive and aided in my treatment. Kudos to their team for their exceptional service.

  • Vikram Singh

    I had a PET scan at Nueclear in Bangalore, and I am thoroughly impressed and the staff were knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. The facility was state-of-the-art, and the results were accurate, helping in my medical evaluation. Highly recommended.

  • Reena Patel

    I opted for a PET scan at Nueclear Bangalore, and it was a commendable experience. The team was extremely professional and caring. The facility was hygienic, and the scan process was quick and efficient. I'm grateful for their excellent service.

  • Suresh Menon

    I recently visited Nueclear in Bangalore for a PET scan and was impressed by their service. Mr. Rahul and the staff were friendly and efficient. The facility was well-equipped, and the scan results were delivered promptly, aiding in my medical diagnosis. Thumbs up to their team!

  • Suraj Pandey

    I never ever thought that I will be rating the healthcare in my life. But Dr fredy one of the best doctor I ever met he explained me everything because I have so many questions and I have took his 20 to 30 min just questioning and he explained everything politely and even explain me why the doc have asked for the scan. When I realised I need to thank him I was in cab way to home. Thank you so much sir you owe me one and last but not least I got the scan almost 40 % cheper than the marker rate. Thanks again 🙂

  • Aishwarya Raut

    Have done PET scan here.
    PET scan price is cheaper than other places.
    Staff is cordial.
    Reports were delivered in timely manner.
    Have good cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Sumeet Kadam

    I have done 3-4 pet scans of my mom at different centres but this one is not only reasonable but also well managed. Highly recommended !
    Cordial staff
    Reasonable price
    Hygenic place
    Timely delivery of reports

  • Sharanu Jamadar

    One of the best experience ever. I have done my pet scan in cheap rate with great experience thank you nueclear 👍


Frequently Asked Questions

A PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography) is a medical imaging test that helps visualize how organs and tissues function inside the body.

PET scans are generally safe, and the amount of radiation from the tracer is considered minimal. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are typically advised to avoid PET scans due to potential risks to the fetus or infant.

No, a PET scan itself is painless. The injection of the tracer may cause a slight discomfort similar to any regular injection.

A PET scan procedure can take around 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the specific type of scan and imaging required.

The risks associated with a PET scan are minimal, primarily related to the use of radioactive tracers. However, the benefits of the scan generally outweigh the risks in most cases.

The results of a PET scan are usually shared within few hours

It's advisable to carry your identification (ID), any referral forms provided by your doctor, and a list of current medications.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing without metal zippers or buttons is recommended. In some cases, you might need to change into a hospital gown.

In most cases, you can resume driving after a PET scan. However, if sedation or medication is used during the procedure, it's safer to have someone accompany you.

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